Technology Cell


The Technical Committee plays an important role in the management of the college. The committee is responsible for devising and reviewing the plan and strategy related to technological support for the institution. It is also responsible for assessing the need for purchasing technical equipment, software, and other tools required by the institution. Additionally, the committee oversees the maintenance of technical assets and equipment as required. A sub-committee, known as the Asset-management Committee, is attached to the main committee and is responsible for maintaining equipment-related accounts.

The technical committee meets frequently to discuss and fulfil the technical needs of the institution, providing support to individual faculty and departments whenever necessary.


Committee Members:

  1. Principal
  2. Dr. Achintya Mandal-Convener
  3. IQAC Coordinator
  4. Bursar
  5. Sri. Subhrajit Roy
  6. Dr. Saddam Hossain Mondal
  7. Dr. Md. Ziaul Hoque
  8. Dr. Ayanangshu Sarkar
  9. Dr. Lopamudra Basu
  10. Smt. Samhati Soor
  11. Sri. Souvik Majumdar
  12. Sri. Subhajit Debnath
  13. Smt. Malabika Das
  14. Sri Pranjoy Pal