Tender Committee

The Tender Committee is a crucial part of the college management. This committee is responsible for defining, operating and governing the procurement process within the organization. Its primary goal is to ensure that all laws, regulations, guidance and rules are followed during the procurement of goods and services. The committee also prioritizes and implements the college's strategies. Above all, the committee must maintain the highest level of ethical practice in integrity, objectivity, accountability and transparency, with zero tolerance for corruption in any form. Once a purchase is recommended by relevant committees and approved by the Finance Committee, the Tender Committee publishes the tender on the college website to select the most suitable vendor. Necessary steps are taken accordingly.


1. Dr. Nabanita Chakrabarti-Principal

1. Dr. Achintya Mandal-Convener

2. Mrs. Sharmistha Dasgupta-Bursar

3. Dr. Emon Bagchi

4. Mr. Utpalendu Giri