Principal's DESK



Herambachandra College welcomes you all. People who are privileged to continue their higher studies get admitted to a college. After completing twelve long years of disciplined school life, college is a place to take a free breath. These three years in college are the best part of a person’s life. The memories of college are to be remembered for life. Here people take the first step towards individuality. Dreams about the future begin to crystalize from college. The college provides support to move forward in future life. This is the place where chrysalises turn into beautiful butterflies.


This college is educating people for more than sixty years with a reputation. First, it was the only college of commerce in south Kolkata. Gradually, it opened other branches of higher education and now offers honours in Bangla, Education, English, History and Political Science in Arts, and Economics and Geography in Science, along with honours in Accounting & Finance. The college holds its head high for the successful performances of the students for decades. Hope, the students who have enrolled themselves in this institution will take the batons from the seniors and win the race.

The College believes in the all-around development of the students and shapes them as complete human beings. Students must prepare themselves to face global challenges. So, the college provides some support to nurture the various talents of the students. While encouraging students in studies it has also offered them opportunities to form various clubs like Photography Club, Debating Club, Drama Club, etc. Regular excursions are organized by Departments and the Student's Union to develop interpersonal relationships and bonding among the students. Sportspersons are also encouraged to excel. The students of the college have won many trophies and prizes in various fields of sports, both in groups and as individuals. Human qualities cannot be attained without being aware of society. Different social activities are organized by the college to familiarize the students with the surroundings. N.S.S. Unit of the college is always there to support the students. This college not only provides academic support to the students but also offers some job opportunities. Many companies are regularly visiting the college for their recruitment drive and they are quite satisfied with our students. 

These are all in a nutshell and the rest is for your experience. I, on behalf of all the teaching, non-teaching members, and senior students, welcome you all to this wonderful world of the Herambachandra College family. Wish you all a very successful life. Be one with this college and be forever. 

                                                                                                                                                                     With best wishes